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Ange Atkinson

Ange has spent over a decade empowering girls and women in self love and authentic leadership as an educator and camp director. Through her own healing journey, Ange discovered her own super power of being highly sensitive. In addition to coaching hundreds of women, Ange is also a women’s leadership facilitator, 200-hr Yoga Instructor, and … Read more

Angela Kane

I incorporate my 25 years of corporate recruiting along with my personal journey as a working mother of now two grown beautiful children and provide a container that allows individuals to rediscover their purpose. This rediscovery can be with your career, recent relationship changes or maybe you are facing being an empty nester. I will … Read more

Kailey Bruyere

I help 20-something-year-olds who are lost in life, or just tired of working part-time jobs to pay the bills. I empower my clients to get to know their truest selves and to not only identify their purpose but to create a fulfilling career out of the gifts that they have to offer the world. I … Read more

Stephanie Jimenez

I help students/college grads/young folks who are going through a quarter life crisis find their own voice & courage to step into their true purpose. I am here to inspire them to find their own uniqueness that is buried underneath social, familial and scholarly expectations. My method is to point out their pain points and … Read more

Rachael Cohen

Hi! My name is Rachael Cohen and I’m a Spiritual Life & Soul Purpose Coach, Energy Worker, Nature Connector & Author, here to help people connect back with their own souls through magical relationships with Nature and Spirit. Specialty I help intuitive people release their fears and learn to connect more deeply to their intuitive … Read more

Amber Graham

My mission is to help women who are struggling to be heard learn to communicate with clarity so they can create the kind of life (and relationships) they desire. Because you deserve to have everything you want. It’s simply a matter of rediscovering the voice that’s already inside you, just waiting to emerge and speak … Read more

Kenya Marie

I help entrepreneurs start and grow their online coaching businesses by helping them heal their limiting beliefs and mindset. In addition, I help busy women transform their bodies and mind by creating custom-made fitness + mind elevation programs. Specialty I help entrepreneurs transform their online coaching business + busy women transform their body.

Abmari Saez-Millet

I help women who are stuck C in the cycle of doubt, fear, anxiety, trauma to find break free from the bondage and step into their power and share their gifts with the world using ancient and modern practices, including Breathwork, Yoga philosophy, Human Design, Astrology, Reiki healing, workshops, guided meditations, and an ounce of … Read more


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