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Shaan Deep

“I help the age group 18-40 discover their dharma & navigate & promote spiritual evolution by using various techniques & processes from Yoga, Tantra, astrology & psychology. I’m a professionally trained psychologist who loves to merge eastern & western approaches to healing 💠” Specialty I Guide you on your journey to uncovering your strengths, embodying … Read more

Antriksha Bhandari

If you ever feel lost in any stage of your journey, but know in your heart that there’s more for you out there in this world and you crave the direction, the guidance, the tools, the support to move forward, I am here to be that guide for you to step into into true essence … Read more

Shubhangi Shukla

“I help women find their purpose & reclaim their power using Intuition, Mindset & Transformation tools. Coming from Indian ancestry, it has been my journey to find my true self, connect to my intuition & find my voice. Today, I share this with other women who are rediscovering themselves beyond the labels they accepted in … Read more


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