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Nelia Ricardo-Wodiany

I’m here to creatively inspire and guide Goddesses to ignite their passion and re-aligning with what brings fulfilment and joy. I will hold space for you and as you journey to self discovery. Using a holistic approach wee go deep to improve your emotional and spiritual well-being incorporate meditation, breath work, creative techniques and other … Read more

Cecileah mejaki

I help overwhelmed women with emotional struggles, connect through Theta energy healing, powerful questions and intuitive guidance and discussions Specialty I help overwhelmed women speak vulnerable about their hardships and find their inner confidence and to see their life from different perspectives. Gaining self awareness and learning how to regulate one’s self from where they’re … Read more

Amanda Deline

Hello! I am a Mother, RSW, Spiritual Life Coach and Art Therapist in training who shares her knowledge and gifts with moms who have lost their sense of self and are struggling to find their authentic identity. Specialty I support moms in regaining their identity and explore their authentic self.

Christine Van Leeuwen

I support women to regain their power after divorce and dive deep into their own desires and talents to embody their soul’s purpose. Specialty I help women overcome divorce and discover their new purpose

Alice Nigoghossian

I help young women going through a quarter life crisis to reframe their mindset and build the lifestyle of their dreams using human design, guided visualizations and practical day to day habit building skills. Specialty I help women going through a quarter life crisis reframe their mindset and build the lifestyle of their dreams.

Ileana Grgic

Are you a mother who has had much of your identity defined by your role as a mother? Or maybe your life was on one path before motherhood, but becoming a mother has cracked you open in a whole new way and now your path doesn’t feel in alignment anymore. Motherhood is a profound experience … Read more

Kenzie Bissett

For those who feel that life gets hard, people knowing that there is more to life then what is. I am here to help you and get you back into loving life and yourself. I’ll coach you back to a wonderful life and help you interpret those weird feelings that come and go. To learn … Read more


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