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Gina Rinaldo

I help spiritual seekers remember and feel empowered through better understanding their energetic frequency through Human Design and Astrology. Specialty I support those who are seeking how they best align and work energetically by better understanding their energetic makeup through Human Design and Astrology.

Jen Rose Narayan

👋🏽Hi, I’m Jen Rose Narayan, Career + Purpose Coach, here to guide you through the process of discovering your superpowers and to build a career that is aligned to your purpose. Whether you are working in a corporation or transitioning to becoming a soulpreneur, my goal for you will be the same – to reconnect … Read more

Gurjot Bansi

I help overwhelmed women with hyper-independence, emotional eating habits, people-pleasing habits using alternative medicine education and intuitive eating education, dharma coaching frameworks, and reiki energy healing. Specialty I am a Soul Purpose + Nutrition Coach who supports women in stepping into their most nourished, authentic, and aligned selves.

Barbara Jung

As a fusion of yoga teacher, coach, and brand strategist, I offer strategic, structured, and practical guidance infused with spiritual wisdom to support and empower individuals to connect with, honour, and embody their highest selves & confidently live a life of true alignment and purpose. Specialty I help ambitious individuals navigate pivots and transitions in … Read more


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