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Jennifer Hopsicker

I help people move past childhood trauma and heal. I am able to do this from my own experience and healing as well as using NLP and different types of Life Coaching. I help you change your negative core beliefs and guide them into positive ones. I am also a long-term Crohn’s disease patient and … Read more

Pamela Meadows

I work with women tired of feeling like an imposter, scared to speak up, and exhausted by saying ‘yes’ to everyone but themselves. Through mindset and confidence coaching, I have helped women overcome the “not enoughness” and create lives that bring them purpose, joy and fulfillment.   Specialty I help women who are ready to … Read more

Rashida McCoy

I help those that are seeking clarity into their life. The souls that aren’t exactly unhappy with their circumstances but aren’t truly happy or passionate, knowing that it is something MORE but are unsure how to clear the fog and move in the right direction. I use the Dharma Coaching Frameworks as well as intuitive … Read more


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