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Allison Gaydish

Allison is passionate about helping women go within to follow their OWN north star, by using Elemental Medicine (air-water-earth-fire) , Moon Cycles, movement , mind set shifts, breathwork, EFT , sound healing, dance, and exclusive tools from the Dharma Coaching institute.
She helps them overcome the fear to heal, shame, develop self-worth and create inner personal freedom to feel ALIVE AGAIN in their bodies.
With 3+ years dedicated to healing herself, overcoming: -Shame about around her substance abuse in high school -Sexual Abuse -Familial Trauma – Allison continues the courageous journey to heal, evolve and grow.
Some other the tools she uses but are not limited to are meditation, oracle cards, shadow work, human design, and your big 3 (sun, moon and rising zodiac sign) and north node in your birth chart.
Today she stands firm, as a lighthouse for others on their unique path, sharing her wisdom, teachings and guidance.
Allison is here to help you ALIGN with your core values, own your shadow and guide you to feel ALIVE AGAIN.


I help women/mother’s feel Alive Again in their bodies. I help women debilitated by shame, fear and guilt reclaim their power, develop self-worth and discover true personal freedom by owning their past, staying in the present and staying excited for the future. I help Mothers who are feeling lost after childbirth find themselves again. I help women navigate their Saturn return and hold space for them as they navigate the dark night of the soul.


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