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Anamika Patel

Are you wondering why your life hasn’t worked out the way it ‘’should” have? Or maybe you checked off all the milestones that society laid out for you, but you are still left with a void, feeling unhappy and unfulfilled? Over the past decade, I found myself at a crossroads multiple times: do I continue pursuing what society identifies as success, or do I surrender to this magnetic pull that ignites my inner spirit and fills my life with undeniable purpose. In early 2018, I came across the law of attraction, focusing on mindset work and self-development, both of which then became the bedrock of my spiritual awakening. I quickly realized that the traditional path hadn’t worked out for me because I was being led to my higher calling – something I had always felt deep down, but had always brushed aside for fear that I may “fall behind” or not be where I am “supposed to be” in life. After a period of solitude, self-reflection, reprogramming my thoughts and focusing on inner growth, I FINALLY discovered my dharma. I now guide other millennial women to attune to their inner voice, align with their soul purpose and attain inner peace and fulfilment!


I work with millennial women who are feeling lost, confused and/or unfulfilled, helping them to break free from societal conditioning by providing the tools for them to listen to their inner voice, find and align with their soul purpose, and ultimately step into the wholesome and abundant life they desire!


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