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Anna Gagliuffi

Hi love! I support women step into their delicious Soul’s purpose through somatic work and mental clarity. Let me take you on a journey: we’ll connect when you feel confused, disconnected, burnt out, or frozen from perfectionism. Together, we will identify your dreams and obstacles. I’ll help you connect to your body’s wisdom, you’ll practice trusting your intuition, and get to meet and befriend your shadow. My clients leave my sessions feeling expansive, with freedom to prioritize themselves, and knowing their power at a deeper level. My practice also includes inner child work, Ayurvedic philosophy, energy healing, and lots of laughter. I am also a Graphic Designer and Artist and was born and raised in Peru. I have family all over the world, which reminds me of our shared humanity. I am on a mission to evolve consciousness one soul at a time. Want to play?



I help women journey: from confusion to clarity, from disconnection to embodying their Soul’s purpose, from burnout to a regulated nervous system, from being stuck with perfectionism to flowing with the Universe.


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