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Ellisa McCoy

I help heart centered women create a life they love using Human Design and the Dharma Frameworks to understand themselves on a Soul and energetic level.

By stepping into our gifts and understanding our energetic signature we can begin to take aligned and messy action on our goals and dreams. When we’re in alignment it removes resistance and life begins to flow, synchronicities become the norm.

I specialize in creating meaningful connection so you leave every session feeling totally seen, understood, and accepted as you are. The self discovery process isn’t about “fixing” or “becoming” someone else, it’s about becoming aware of the conditioning that has dimmed your inate sparkle.

I use tangible and grounded tools to cut through any limiting beliefs or fears from holding you back. Let’s get to work and create your dream life, I cannot wait to see you shine!


I help heart centered women discover + step into their life’s purpose in order to create a life they are in love with!


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