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Emily Moon

Aloha Beautiful Soul! One of my Soul’s greatest callings is empowering women on their awakening journey to embody their true essence, to connect with their SOUL’s deepest desires to live an Authentic, PURPOSE-FILLED, Joyful life while feeling fully grounded and in their body.

Having experienced a very sudden and fast spiritual awakening myself in 2016, I deeply innerstand what it feels like for your entire world to do an entire 180. And I know what it feels like on the other side. Where Soul desires and dreams are reality.

Our sacred time together offers a safe, compassionate empowering space to be seen, heard, supported and guided on your journey as you step into greater levels of self discovery, authentic expression and Soul expansion.

Through my own experiences, courses, trainings and workshops, I have studied, learned and integrated what resonates in the highest frequency and weave this into all my offerings.


I empower women who have or are experiencing an awakening and are finding it challenging to integrate the old and new worlds/realities/self, those who are calling in living in their fullest authentic soul expression while feeling grounded & connected to their bodies to move forward feeling home within


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