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Joy Castrejon

I am a licensed clinical social worker and holistic psychotherapist who helps people shift from feeling confused, exhausted, and isolated to intuitively guided, fully alive, and connected to both their authentic selves and others. I am passionate about integrating evidenced-based therapy practices with timeless spiritual wisdom in my work with clients. Two of my favorite methods that I utilize with clients are somatic/embodiment interventions and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) techniques.

I work with individuals who are experiencing one or more of the following challenges: Overwhelming emotions (depression, anxiety, irritability/anger), chronic stress/exhaustion, lack of direction/purpose/identity, phase of life struggles (i.e. embarking on a new career), difficult spiritual awakening, and twin flame journey.

Please note, due to my professional license, my practice is limited to individuals who reside in the state of California.



I help individuals who feel lost and confused discover their authentic self and soul’s purpose.


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