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Lauren Fleck

My life long question had always been, “what’s my purpose and why am I here”… now as I approach my fruitful 30’s, I have made it my mission to help as many woman as I can make moves towards her Purpose, her Dharma & come back into Alignment with her Highest Most Sacred Self.

Following your dreams and having passion in life gives you purpose and a meaning to life. My view is “why stay stuck?” life is for living and we only get to live in this body once in this lifetime so let’s all make the best out of it.

We all are worthy of living out our deepest dreams and desires so I would love & be soul honoured to help woman pursue their passions and begin to embody the truest soul calling within and towards their dream life.

I have been on my spiritual journey for the last 9 years, unpacking the deepest parts of myself to uncover what my soul is truly here to do on this earth and with time I finally discovered, the answer was right there, right within me this whole time. It was to help others find and pursue the big question of “what is my purpose here?”.

With discovering my own purpose on this earth, the true beginning of my journey began. With that I then graduated with the “Dharma Coaching Institute” in May 2022 as a Spiritual Life & Soul Alignment Coach & I am also qualified in Reiki Levels 1 & 2. This is just the beginning of many different avenues towards my own Souls Purpose. I have many different interests in the spiritual & self development world, that in the future, I will be continuing to expand my knowledge in other areas in which I can serve you beautiful souls in a way to access deeper portals within you & for you to come back into true alignment to your souls purpose.


I help creative and inspired woman pursue and embody theirs souls purpose


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