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Mona Alina

Hi! I’m Mona, double Certified Spiritual Life Coach, and my greatest purpose is to help you (re)discover yours! I’m here to remind you of your innate power, while motivating you to fully step into your authentic light and become the best version of yourself. The modalities I use in my coaching are what helped me overcome major life challenges and transform my life. I know what it’s like to feel stuck, powerless, and struggle with self-worth. After dedicating three+ years of self-exploration and deep healing, I wake up every morning feeling excited about living my dharma and experiencing life from a place of ease, flow, and fun. I want the same for you! Visit www.alignwithmona.com to learn more about my offers or reach out to me on Instagram.


I work primarily with women seeking for something greater in life, have a burning desire to break free from the societal box, and are willing to do “the work”, but don’t know where to start. The healing tools, systems, and teachings used during our sessions may include aspects of: astrology, human design, ayurveda, tantra, chakras, masculine + feminine energies, mindset reframe, goal-setting, business marketing, law of attraction, emotional management, self-love practices, tarot/oracle readings, shadow integration, and shared wisdom from lived experiences.


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