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Rayna Takabatake

I help people with inner healing to help release any blocks that is preventing them from finding radical self love & discovering their soul purpose. I first focus on the physical body and make sure we hone in on the best self care & self love practices & routines in their daily life.

I then go deeper into the mind & soul using tools like Ego Work which helps with a number of issues such as mindset, anxiety, triggers, self worth & self love, etc. I use Shadow Work that helps to love all parts of yourself to create an abundance of self love & acceptance. Neuro Linguistic Programming to help reframe many of our past situations. Subconscious reprogramming to be able to rewrite your story, and Inner Child Healing to help with emotional triggers, and past wounds. I also use Time Line Therapy which is an amazing technique that releases trapped negative emotions from the body.

This deep inner healing helps release what is no longer serving us, and helps us what we all want most: Inner peace & freedom.

As we heal the past, and release what is no longer serving us, we start to create space for more love to enter, space to reconnect with ourselves, and space to finally discover our soul purpose!


I help people heal & release negative blocks, find radical self love & discover their soul purpose


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