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Sandra Loeser

I care deeply about you, and your mind, sprite, body and health matters. I am here to show you that you matter, I am here to share the medicine of rest with you, so you can fill your cup and come home to yourself, healing the wounded feminine within you, rising empowered, feeling balanced and feeling enough, because you are enough. Remember the body is our sacred vessel, our temple that needs to be nourished in order to heal and thrive to its fullest potential. We have to let go of the old in order to make room for the new. We have to release past experiences, and we need to forgive in order to heal and grow. And it all starts with us learning how to parent ourselves, how to love ourselves and to be fully present. Pretty much everyone has had some sort of trauma in their life’s either way as a child or an adult, and if we neglect it, it get stored in the body. Our body remembers everything, every detail we have been through and that we have been holding on too. We can not expect life to change around us, we need to be the change and need to feel that change from within, to in act that shift, and it all starts with taking the courage to rest, so you can open your hearts and lead from a place of love and wholeness.


I help exhausted moms to make time for Self Care and deep rest, so they can find more balance and harmony, feeling empowered and uplifted.


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