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Sara “Celeste” Smith

I love to create and hold spaces that transform the lives, collectives, and businesses of our community. Witnessing the impact from the ripple effect of kindness, through people, animals, and nature, fulfills my sense of purpose. I choose to share myself with the world through 2 main focuses:

1:1 Coaching: I help technology experts with continuous personal and professional growth using the Dharma Coaching Institute frameworks and methodologies in combination with the knowledge, wisdom, and pattern recognition gathered through experiences with Tony Robbins, Dr. Joe Dispenza, SANS Institute, and numerous leadership programs.

Team Strategy Implementation: With my team, I support and guide healers, artists, and creative communities to face and overcome their next obstacle. Together, we discover ways to reclaim time and enable our clients to experience expansion and freedom by bringing relief to sales, marketing, and business tasks.


I empower and enable the personal and professional growth of engineers into leaders; and I amplify the art and passions of my communities through bringing relief to sales, marketing, and business tasks. I live to watch a person quickly scribble and then preserve ah-ha moments – a purpose-aligned statement – that continues to generate momentum after our wondrous walkabout and/or hearty hike.


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