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Skylar Mallas

Skylar Mallas is a visionary, mentor and intuitive guide that has devoted over 25 years in service to the healing arts; integrating nutrition, somatic bodywork, energy work, breath work, dance and mindset as medicine.  Skylar curates transformational experiences that touch the heart and uplift the soul, helping others to feel a deeper connection to Source, Self and one another. Through her process of Soul Alchemy, the transformation of self through soul work, Skylar has transmuted her pain into purpose, her wounds into wisdom and grief into grace. She is passionate about supporting others to reclaim their souls truth through daily practices that honor the sacred and touch the depths within themselves . Skylar brings the mystical to the mainstream and guides others to activate and awaken their divine potential within. “I believe that we have the power to create our realities and choose how we experience the world around us. I guide my clients to make mindful adjustments that shift their perspective, activate their inner wisdom and create embodied transformation in their lives.”


I support woman in the midst of transition that are ready to move from confusion to clarity and receive guidance towards their next steps to reclaim their power, sovereignty and radiance. By cultivating a deeper connection to source and self, we can awaken to our souls true essence and experience more expansion, joy and fulfillment in life.


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