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You’d serve best as a Transformational Soul Purpose + Spiritual Life Coach

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Transformational Soul Purpose + Spiritual Life Coach

With all of your Pitta (fire) energy, you would make for an incredible Transformational Soul Purpose + Spiritual Life Coach.

This career path would allow you to motivate others, offer solutions to people’s problems, and help them take aligned action.

You are ambitious, disciplined, and goal-oriented. Others are inspired by your passion, and you are known for taking action on your ideas.

You have the gift of the Entrepreneur Dharma Archetype from my own Dharma Archetype Quiz, creating solutions for the world’s problems. You’re able to look at the big picture and see all of the steps needed to make something a reality. You look at people like Tony Robbins and know that you can also help others make life-changing, transformational shifts.

You know you are meant to help others achieve their goals, but you might have a hard time seeing yourself as a Soul Purpose + Spiritual Life Coach because you question how you can actually create a career doing this type of work. You are a very realistic person and like to know exactly where you are heading before taking action. You think a lot about your legacy and know something needs to shift for you to really make the impact you know you’re meant to make.

Don’t worry – I got you!

Here’s how we will empower your strong go-getter energy in Highest Self Institute:

Learning How To Build A Sustainable Coaching Business

You’re likely someone who believes in structure and a solid plan in order to achieve success. You’re looking for a grounded, structured and practical approach to making this part of your life’s work. With a world-class coaching education, Highest Self Institute empowers its students in creating fulfilling and thriving careers as Soul Purpose + Spiritual Life Coaches, while providing the exact tools you need to get started.


At Highest Self Institute, you will learn how to find your client avatar and niche, put together a business plan, create a Dharma Blueprint for yourself and clients, structure your business, draft a coaching agreement to protect yourself, build your coaching offer, enroll clients, set up sessions, create content and your personal branding, and eventually monetize your practice.

Creating A Self Care Practice So You Don’t Burn Yourself Out

You’re likely someone who would make their business a number one priority. You’re passionate about what you do and it shows, but you can easily find yourself overworking and burning the candle at both ends. However, a career doesn’t need to be all or nothing. There’s a way to still feel balanced with your own self care, social life, and relationships. Even though you love being productive, taking care of yourself is a must!


Highest Self Institute dives into energetic hygiene and how to stay energetically balanced as a coach, the importance of nervous system regulation, connecting to your inner child, heart medicine, and so much more. Making time for yourself and resting is a priority with Highest Self Institute, especially as a coach when you’re juggling clients so you don’t burn yourself out in the process.

Connecting More With Your Heart And Intuition

As someone who is so intellectual and analytical, sometimes you may find it difficult to listen to your intuition. You’re constantly trying to find the reason and logic in everything, but some things don’t always need to ‘make sense’ to be right. Your preferred way to make decisions might be to weigh the pros and the cons, but what about dropping into your intuition?


At Highest Self Institute, we practice connecting with your intuition and your clients’. You will learn how to use your intuition to strengthen your coaching sessions and guide others, while bringing them to a higher vibration so they can find their own internal answers. Highest Self Institute shares intuitive tools that will help you and your coaching practice, such as human design, the chakra system, and so much more. By the end of the certification, you will feel confident in using your intuition and transforming people’s lives in a fulfilling career as a Soul Purpose & Spiritual Life Coach, like hundreds of our students have.

Why Highest Self Institute?

Highest Self Institute (Dharma Coaching Institute) is the first and only institute out there that graduates Certified Soul Purpose + Spiritual Coaches and Certified Embodiment Coaches.

Not only will you graduate as a Certified Dharma Coach, but it’s also a double certification for becoming a Spiritual Life Coach.

This is the most comprehensive Soul Purpose + Spiritual Life Coaching training, combining the best of Dharma Coaching, emotional psychology training, online business training and development, spiritual coaching, embodiment, somatics, Human Design, and feminine / masculine integration.

You will walk away from this experience in full alignment with your own dharma and be ready to support others with theirs, which can translate into careers in one-on-one coaching, group coaching, online programs, speaking, corporate events, retreats, books, and other avenues.

The Embodiment Coaching Certification has our proprietary Triple E Embodiment Method™ which connects Emotions, Embodiment, and Expression so you can become an artful Embodiment Coach, and apply the learnings both in your personal and professional lives.

Neeta, Ajit, and I all did it ourselves and our graduates have too.


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