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Camimi Palomeque

I help Multifaceted creatrix focus on their ancestral gifts and turn them into one passion project using spiritual practices, rewiring mindset and aligned action. Specialty I help multifaceted spiritual creatrix merge their talents into ONE passion project (Offering).

Anastacia “Issa” Saigg

I support people & coaches in creating powerful, lasting life transformations by helping you identify the patterns & stories that have been stopping you from having powerful breakthroughs & living the life you have always dreamed of. I hold you accountable to your goals by creating a progress roadmap, diving deep to release fears or … Read more

Diana June

My passion is to help conscious beings deeply introspect in order to understand themselves, raise their consciousness, and harness their own intuitive abilities. I provide guidance, clarity, and support throughout your spiritual awakening to facilitate a deep understanding of who you are at the soul-level. We’ll also explore different aspects of your life and evaluate … Read more

Derrick J. Yanford

I am a former performing artist, educator, director and choreographer who has been transforming the lives of my students for over 3 decades. I specialize in transformation by coaching around insight, messing with my clients thinking to bring about new perspectives that allow them to see and navigate the world in a way that powerfully … Read more

Christy Jennings

I guide women on the journey of discovering that everything they’ve been searching for outside of themselves, is within, and has been all along Specialty I help women who dim their light, rise & shine

Anna Gagliuffi

Hi love! I support women step into their delicious Soul’s purpose through somatic work and mental clarity. Let me take you on a journey: we’ll connect when you feel confused, disconnected, burnt out, or frozen from perfectionism. Together, we will identify your dreams and obstacles. I’ll help you connect to your body’s wisdom, you’ll practice … Read more

Jessica Melgar

I help young adults come back home to themselves and discover who they are using tools such as Astrology, Human Design, and more. Specialty I help young adults on their self discovery journey

Mona Alina

Hi! I’m Mona, double Certified Spiritual Life Coach, and my greatest purpose is to help you (re)discover yours! I’m here to remind you of your innate power, while motivating you to fully step into your authentic light and become the best version of yourself. The modalities I use in my coaching are what helped me … Read more

Marcia Ann Monti

I help women, who have been trapped in the ‘doing’, overcome burnout, fear and dread in order to reignite their passion, reclaim their power and pursue their life purpose. Specialty I help over-achieving women overcome burnout, overwhelm & dread.

Mati Sanchez

Hi, I’m Mati Sanchez – Cuban-Swiss life coach, wellness aficionado, and recovering perfectionist. I combine Life Purpose Coaching Tools and Somatic Therapies (ie body-centered methodologies) to help my clients move through blocks, connect to their truest selves, and live their most fulfilling lives. Before I came into this space, I studied and worked in Social … Read more


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